Citations: Peer reviewed: 1. Russell, cristel A., Hope J. Schau, and David Crockett. “Cultural Diversity in Television Narratives: Homphilization, Appropriation, and Implications for Media Advocacy.” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, vol. 32, no. 1, 2013, pp. 119. 2. Rogers, R. A. (2006), From Cultural Exchange to Transculturation: A Review and Reconceptualization of Cultural […]

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Dreadlocks are an issue that has come into the debate of cultural appropriation as white celebrities such as Marc Jacobs (who dressed his models in fake dreadlocks for New York Fashion week 2016) and Justin Bieber, who wore them himself. Like many, Bieber claimed it is “just hair.” But i’m here to clarify that it […]

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War Bonnet

With Coachella just around the corner, I’d like to look at the cultural significance of a feathered headdress by certain groups of Native American peoples. No, Hipsters, it’s not for you to play with. Culturally, the headdress is only worn by specially designated members of a tribe and only during ritual occasions. It is not […]

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